Not For Profit:

The Bright Day Foundation - Helping Schools and Students in Need  

The Bright Day Foundation is a not-for-profit 501[c][3] organization. All donations are tax deductible and are directed toward fully funding our Summer Reading Program in schools, with students that are less fortunate.

The goal of this organization is to identify less fortunate schools and students that would greatly benefit from our Summer Reading Program. Dollars donated to The Bright Day Foundation are applied to the cost of books and then our Summer Reading Program is provided free of charge to schools and students that require our help. Many times the schools and students in need are identified by our existing Bright Day school customers.


Please consider a small donation to The Bright Day Foundation.

Our main operation – Bright Day LLC is a for-profit company. But, unlike most other companies today – all profits from Bright Day are donated to The Bright Day Foundation. We are a 100% mission driven company – we have no investors, we deal with none of the pressure to grow and increase profits annually – we are small and privately owned.


To donate to The Bright Day Foundation or request more information please contact