Our History:


Bright Day incorporated as an LLC in 2005 and a year later began The Bright Day Foundation, a 501[c][3] not-for-profit organization. But, our origins go back much farther that that.

In the late 1980’s we noticed progressive schools were developing summer reading programs for their students. The reason? Reading over the summer break returned a more alert, engaged and confident student when classes resumed in the fall. And maybe even more important, getting the right book in the students’ hands – one they enjoyed spending time with – demonstrated to youngsters that reading could be a joy.

We tracked the progress of summer reading initiatives through the 1990’s and in 1997 Bright Day was launched as a small school fundraising company. From that point, working directly with educators, we shifted focus to supporting a trend toward non-text book use in classroom curriculum and the expansion of school summer reading programs nationwide.

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