Our Mission:

Bright Day Helps Students Read, Learn & Grow 

We place the right books in the hands of children – books that excite & engage – that help students build better reading and learning skills. We hope to create a more aware, more confident young adult.

The Bright Day team consists of a handful of dedicated professionals – with decades of experience in the classroom as well as with great companies such as Scholastic & Weekly Reader. We are a school's partner in education and we truly understand the importance of helping youngsters develop solid, fundamentals in reading & learning.

Most children do not read enough – especially when compared to time spent on other activities. But, all children do read – usually based on what they love – soccer, archeology, automobiles, fashion, video games – sometimes they read a chapter book, a glossy magazine, even a video guide.

How can we help our youth discover the magic of reading? Teachers spend entire careers trying to zero in on what a child loves – because they know that when that passion is identified they have found a direct link to unlimited learning. Each and every teacher is looking for that spark – and Bright Day has watched summer reading – and the inclusion of non-text books into classroom curriculum – ignite that spark for many youngsters.

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