School's Role:

Teachers Helping Students in Their Search for the Perfect Book  

One book can change a student's life. A commitment to Bright Day is a commitment to making reading more exciting, more relevant, with greater student participation, at a lower cost, with higher levels of student learning.


With Bright Day students are more involved in reading and learning, parents are more involved, teachers are more involved – the entire school is more involved.


Step 1: School agrees to a single seasonal program (Summer, Fall or Winter). No legal contract, no long term commitment.


Step 2: School identifies three team leaders (program communication, book order consolidation, book distribution).


Step 3: School launches communication plan to generate student participation.


Step 4: School collects orders & payments from parents & students.


Step 5: School organizes school book distribution event.


Step 6: School & teachers determine how students reading and learning progress is tracked & measured.


Bright Day works directly with you through the process – providing PDF downloads and supporting you by phone or email – making program execution a breeze.

Parents and students get great book prices. Schools earn free books with each book order - 1 free book for every 10 sold.

We ask each school customer to participate in our Teacher Ambassador Program. Here we tap into the ideas and opinion of each school regarding future book choices, student learning tools and more.

To learn more about Bright Day, visit our Contact Us page.