What We Do:

Bright Day - Helping Schools Build Exciting Reading Programs  

Bright Day helps teachers and librarians improve school reading programs. Through our publishing, education and logistics expertise we offer you a helping hand.

Step 1: Bright Day Helps You Choose the Right Books

Bright Day works directly with you to create book lists, by grade level, that are exciting, robust and meet academic requirements. We have partnered with Ingram Book, a world class education resource - to help us help you.

Step 2: Bright Day Helps You Increase Program Student Participation

Bright Day provides a story synopsis for each book – helping students chose the perfect book for them. We provide an effective process for parent and student communication and sign-ups, which increases student participation. And, we guarantee your books will be in stock – ensuring the books get into the hands of each student.


Step 3: Bright Day Makes Book Ordering Quick, Simple & Rewarding

Bright Day provides a proven process to consolidate school orders and payments. Your coordination help is rewarded by increased student program participation – as well as discounts and free books with each order. We have partnered with Ingram Book, a world class book fulfillment resource - to help us help you.


Step 4: Bright Day Makes Book Delivery Day A Breeze

Bright Day delivers your total book order on or before the agreed upon date – direct to your school – for distribution to each student. Our state of the art fulfillment facility promises you we’ll be on time and accurate – 100% guaranteed.


Step 5: Bright Day Helps Students Learn What They Read

Bright Day offers each school, teacher and student the opportunity to use our proprietary reading and learning tools. These are designed to build vocabulary, increase comprehension and improve analytical and reasoning skills. Students appreciate our study aids - they are simple to use and help guide and build their learning.


Step 6: Bright Day Helps Build Student Confidence

Bright Day proudly recognizes students in schools that participate in our program. All schools that participate are helping America build a nation of eager, active learners.

All value-added program elements are free of charge – all part of our program – for just the cost of a book!

Your school receives better selection, more participation, ease of ordering, timely delivery, lower cost, more learning – Bright Day and your school are perfect partners.

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